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ex frosted blade 36

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Army infantry, 6 week ski training in Val-d'sère France.

On Friday the 3rd December 2021, 3 PWRR deployed 8 troops to Val-d'sère France. Exercise intention and aim was to develop and test individuals psychological limits, their determination and enevour towards the extremes of physical courage under stress, pressure and fatigue, through training for and taking part in Alpine racing.

“Exercise Frosted Blade was the most mentally and physically demanding things I have ever done. I am so glad I attended as I learnt so much about myself, and limits I can push myself to, and preform under extreme pressure.”

3 PWRR deployed two novices, Pte Bailey, and CSgt Dodds. The rest of the team had ski'd before which consisted of, Msn Macey, Pte Ridge, LCpl Rist, LCpl Avis, Captain Soord-Gurney, and myself Pte Gravestock.

A Day in the life on EX FROSTED BLADE 36.

Morning wake up at 0700. Breakfast in the apartment, then a 10 minuet walk to the slopes to meet your groups by 0830. We then dispersed into groups 1-30 depending on your ability and you ski until 1600 every day.

Evenings would consist of dinner and admin. Dinner was cooked in the apartment by a different member of the team every day. This also taught a good lesson as, a few members of the team hadn't cooked a meal for 8 people before. Some dinners were questionable, however we ate very well considering other teams were saying they ate pasta for 6 weeks solid!

This format of training lasted until Christmas. Then we went into race training leading up to the race week. Timings in the morning were still the same however, in teams we had to make our way to different parts of the mountain for training and racing. The racing was split into slalom, super giant slalom, and then if you were picked for the A team, you would also do a downhill event.

Our A team consisted of Captain Soord-gurney, LCpl Avis, LCpl Rist, and Pte Ridge. Our B team consisted of CSgt Dodds, Msn Macey, Pte Bailey, and myself Pte Gravestock.

3 PWRR were overall very successful in the competition as a whole. We won Gold and Silver in the woman's devision. Bronze and silver for the Veterans devision, and finally bronze for the reservist attendance on the exercise for the A team. As a whole, this was very successful for 3 PWRR and a very enjoyable exercise to be a part of.


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