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3 PWRR Ashford Soldier getting into an helicopter Chinook.

army reserve centre


A Company in Ashford cover a vast range of infantry skills within their training evenings from ground routes level training up to some more advanced platoon level tactics.  


Of late A Coy has been focusing on Close Quarters Battle (CQB) where soldiers have been taught the tactics required to fight in complex urban environments, this has culminated in weekend training events where soldiers have had the opportunity to test their newfound CQB skills in specialist locations using simulation where the enemy has been real and the fight as close to the real thing whilst retaining a safe environment.  


During the year A Coy has focused on 81mm mortar training.  This training is conducted regularly in camp, with specific drills and lessons being taught to allow for soldiers to then travel to Salisbury Plain Training Area and fire live ammunition on exercise.  


Tigerfit is conducted every Wednesday evening to help improve each soldier's physical fitness with training being bespoke to each soldier's capabilities.  

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