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3PWRR soldier firing a LMG Ashford

army reserves centre Rochester 


C Company, 3 PWRR is the local Army Reserve Infantry Unit in the Medway area of Kent. We are based in the heart of Rochester, and our recruitment spans outwards reaching Tonbridge and Malling, Dartford, Gravesham and Swale boroughs.  The company cohesion and camaraderie bring in individuals from all areas to attend training.

The training undertaken by C Company is challenging, rewarding and well-structured enabling our recruits to develop their essential military skills, before refining them into 1st class infanteers under the leadership of our quality training team. As skills increase so does pay and opportunities to attend training both at home and abroad.

Key military skills, discipline and leadership also have many applications into civilian employment, and many employers are proud to have serving personnel in their company respecting the value you will bring.

In addition to the infantry roles, there are opportunities for medics, chefs, clerks, radio operators and drivers with full training given for chosen roles. There are opportunities to gain civilian qualifications through these courses offered by us here at C Coy. These skills gained, trained and honed through our training can increase employability by providing the extra challenge and opportunities that civilian employment often cannot. 

C Company has been equipped with the latest issue of kit and equipment which brings us in line with our Regular Army counterparts. The Company currently is scaled as a Rifle Company, where we have access to the full complement of latest issue sights and attachments that we regularly take out and exercise with us. The platoons Rifleman are supported by general-purpose machine guns and Sharpshooter rifles (which we train to use), making for an extremely capable fighting force of light infantry. This enables us to seamlessly support the Regular Army and as a result, we are proud to offer exciting opportunities for overseas Mobilisation and Operational taskings.


C Company encourages all its members to take an active role in all sports and physical activities. Using years of expertise our instructors provide guidance and training to reach and maintain high levels of physical fitness. Paid adventure training opportunities are always available; these include parachuting, sailing and many more.

By daylight or night – in rural or urban environments C Coy has the equipment and expertise to overcome any challenge. A solid camaraderie and fighting spirit carried through from our ancestor regiments lives within us and we fight with fierce pride!

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