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uk Soldiers in USA getting on an helicopter

army reserves centre Canterbury 


HQ Company 3 PWRR



HQ Company based in Canterbury is unlike our other companies. It is the second-largest within the Battalion and like our other unit locations it has a combat element but what makes HQ Company different is that it is also the supporting element of the battalion. Without these key skills sets held at HQ Company, the other companies in the battalion would very soon lose the ability to operate.


Our company has many elements and specialist roles available such as:


Infantry soldier

The light role infantry soldier is the core element of an infantry battalion. Our platoon of tigers uses state of the art weapons and equipment and must be extremely fit and robust in order to successfully complete our mission whether that be peacekeeping or warfighting operations. 


Infantry Officer 

The infantry officer plays a definitive role. The British officer must lead from the front, guide and support his soldiers whether that be in training or on operations. They are also responsible for their troop’s morale and welfare as well as career development.


Radio operator

Signallers are a crucial component. They provide the means of reliable and secure communication between the commanders on the ground and those who are running the operation, this allows the commanders to bring to bear all the assets they have at their disposal to win.



Driving is a key skill, there are many new and varied military vehicles that the HQ tigers need to be effective. Drivers enable the movement of troops and equipment in any situation.


Assault pioneers 

Assault pioneers are the tiger’s battlefield engineers. They create and destroy obstacles using their key skills that the allow the pride to move and stop the enemy from manoeuvring in our area. 



Keeping tigers fit is key to the fighting fitness of the Company.  They help to train and maintain all tigers to the high physical standards required by the unit as well as advise on healthy living including good nutrition. 



The drums are the ceremonial element of the unit. They provide musical displays on ceremonial occasions as well as celebrations within the battalion and boost the morale of every tiger in our historic pride, they are like most roles’ infantry first. 


Technical Storeman

You are responsible for maintaining, issuing and moving all kit and equipment the infantry solder needs to achieve their aim. 


Military clerk

Military clerks are soldiers who carry out a wide range of HR, financial and clerical tasks to ensure our soldier's pay and administration is always up to date and on time.



As a chef using a fully equipped kitchen or preparing food in a tent with little more than a handful of rations is part of the wildly varied job the department do to provide nutritious and balanced food with stringent hygiene standards to keep the soldier fed and healthy. 



Combat Medical Technicians have advanced lifesaving skills that you can use to help trauma patients. You will also provide clinical healthcare and have a genuine commitment to treating and caring for others.

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