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Do you want to get FIT?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

"One of the most significant advantages of Chase's coaching was the constant communication and feedback and for only £20 a month.

More information on Chase Here.

There are so many reasons why a personal trainer is essential to achieving your fitness goals, whether they be weight loss-based, sports-driven or for athletic purposes. this is why 3 PWRR are woking with Crossfit Great Stour.

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"Transforming your body and getting fit can be a challenging and intimidating journey, especially if you don't have the time to commit to it.".

For the last 8 weeks, I was in the same situation, weighing 95KG and struggling to find time to work out. However, with the help of Chase through an app called True Coach, I have been able to turn my fitness journey around.

"Having someone else program your training was pretty awesome.”

True Coach is a fitness app that connects you with remote coaches who can provide individualized program design, regular communication, and video technique reviews. Chase was my coach, and he has been instrumental in my journey towards fitness. He worked with me through the True Coach app and designed a personalized workout program that catered to my fitness level and goals.

After every workout, he would send me a message, ask me questions about how it went, and provide me with feedback on my technique. This level of attention and care made me feel like I had a partner in my fitness journey.

Chase's workout program was intense, and at times I felt like giving up, but his constant encouragement kept me going. One of the things I appreciated about his program was that it was a full-body workout that boosted my metabolism and got me fitter, quicker. The workouts were also convenient as I could go to any gym and do them, and I could complete them within an hour every day.

The first few weeks were tough, and I felt stiff and sore, but as I continued with the program, I started to notice significant changes. After three weeks, I could wake up without feeling stiff, and my weight had gone down to 89KG. Chase also tracked my fitness test metrics and showed me my progress on a graph, which motivated me to keep going.

One of the things I appreciated about Chase's program was that it took me out of my comfort zone. I would sometimes dread the workouts, but the feeling of accomplishment after completing them was incredible. One example was a WOD (workout of the day) that was so hard, but I pushed through and finished it within the time I had set for myself.

Now, after 8 weeks of consistent work, I feel better, stronger, and more confident. Chase's coaching program was a game-changer for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to transform their body and get fit. The program is opening up, and you can now access it for only £20 a month, but availability is limited only for member of PWRR, so act fast apply here.

Remember, one hour is only 5% of your day, so make it count, and start your fitness journey today!

I've been in the Army for 23 years and this is the best training I've ever had. I also needed the motivation. I used to pay £120 to attend to a box CrossFit gym, but now I can work out at the Army gym. I also have a pure gym membership, which is £16 per month. As a reservist you get paid to do fitness which means that this is free.


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