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GPMG 3 PWRR Soldier

army reserves centre Brighton & Eastbourne


B Company, 3 PWRR


B Company is based in Brighton, with a platoon outstation in Eastbourne. It is the largest company in 3 PWRR and is bound together by a shared Sussex identity.


Our company includes:


Infantry Soldiers


Light Role infantry soldiers are the core of our battalion. Our rifle platoons train on and utilise the modern suite of weapons & equipment, exercising in a range of environments & honing their craft on the ranges. Additionally, we have the battalion’s Javelin Platoon – offering a world-leading Anti-Tank capability. As well as these troops, we have small numbers of drivers & signallers who keep us supplied, moving , and in-touch with each other and higher echelons.


Attached arms


B Company has a large number of attached combat medics, combat chefs & combat clerks who offer critical skills to support us before, during & after the fight. These attached arms are critical to maintaining morale & combat effectiveness. 

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