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While completing his class 2 chef course at Prince William of Gloucester Barracks in Grantham, Pte Hussain of B Coy 3 PWRR was asked at short notice to take part in an international catering competition; 'Exercise Army Sustainer' taking place at the same location in Grantham.

Pte Hussain found himself competing against some 20 teams from around the world, from as far away as Oman to Denmark. With his high standards and remarkable culinary skill he came an amazing second place in the competition.

The competition itself is held annually, and pits the most talented chefs across the army against one another as their culinary skills are pushed to their limit. There are 15 culinary categories consisting of individual and team events. With the chefs' are assessed on their creativity, adaptability, expertise, and timings.

Pte Hussain has clearly demonstrated his extraordinary culinary skills. And is a reminder that 3 PWRR are not just infanteers but also have a number of attached arms roles.



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