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The Benefits of Using Tiger's Direct for Military Equipment Purchases

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

"I didn't know how much Ammo and Co did for the Battalion".

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When it comes to purchasing military equipment for a regiment, it's essential to find a reliable and supportive supplier. One such option that stands out is Tiger's Direct, the bespoke on line PRI shop dedicated to our Tigers in the Regiment. In this post, we will explore the numerous benefits of choosing Tiger's Direct for our Regiment's requirements.

Tiger's Direct has demonstrated its commitment to supporting the battalion by contributing over £14,000 towards the Regiment over the last few years. This financial support can make a significant difference in enhancing facilities, or funding other critical initiatives. By choosing Tiger's Direct, you contribute Money to the Battalion .

One of the reasons why Tiger's Direct may have slightly higher prices compared to other websites is their compliance with MOD copyrights. As an authorized supplier, they pay copyright fees to the Ministry of Defence (MOD). This ensures that all equipment and merchandise sold on their website adhere to legal requirements, providing you with peace of mind when making purchases. Tigers Direct is also the only company that is authorised to use the ‘Tigers Head’ logo on merchandise, thereby protecting the Regiments brand.

Tiger's Direct takes pride in stocking a wide range of PWRR merchandise, including buttons, stable belts, and tracksuits. With over £20,000 worth of stock available, they offer a convenient one-stop-shop for all your branded needs. By purchasing PWRR merchandise through Tiger's Direct, you not only acquire quality products but also support the Regiment directly. Bear in mind also that any purchases you make of non-branded items such as Keela Jackets, boots or field equipment etc also attracts a profit share which is ploughed straight back into the Regiment. You may ask why the Regiment doesn’t do this ourselves? Good question and easy to answer, the Regimental Headquarters does not have the resources to maintain the level of service and quality that Tigers Direct offers. Also Tigers Direct holds the liability of the stock, in other words the Regiment is not paying to hold £20k worth of stock, money which is better used in support of the serving and veteran members of the Regiment.

"if you buy in bulk you can email them and they will give you a good quote".

One of the unique advantages of choosing Tiger's Direct is that the battalion receives a percentage of the company's profit. By making purchases through their platform, you contribute to the financial growth of your regiment. This profit share can be reinvested into various areas, such as improving facilities, acquiring specialized equipment, or supporting welfare programs for regiment members and their families.

Tiger's Direct has established itself as a reliable and trusted supplier within the military community. They prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring that the equipment they provide meets stringent quality standards. Their commitment to supporting the battalion financially and offering a diverse inventory of merchandise further solidifies their reputation as a trustworthy supplier.

"I was just about to buy challenge coins of the website then realised Tigers direct can do them for us".



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