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The Mayor of Medway

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The Mayor of Medway Councillor Jan Aldous and her husband, Mr Tony Aldous arrived at Rochester Arc at 14:00. Bn 2ic, 2Lt Klement and I greeted them and showed them to the bar area for tea and biscuits.

Bn 2ic discussed the up coming events that the Battalion have. Mr Klement discussed his experiences with the company so far. We then moved to Brompton Barracks 25 Meter Range. I had already booked the Mayor in with Brompton on Friday 22 July so that there would be no issues with security. The mayor and her party were given hearing protection and proceeded to watch a detail shooting pistol. Once the detail had finished the Mayor spent approx. 30 mins talking to the Troops.

I presented her on the range the gifts that C Coy had. These were Invicta Tigers T-shirts and water bottles for her and her husband. We also presented her with a C Coy framed banner flag for her office. She was most moved by the gifts. The Mayor had a photo on the ranges with us all which LCpl Adewale took on his professional camera. After a little more chatting the Mayor moved back to Rochester ARC and proceeded to watch the Troops carrying out CEO training.

The Mayor expressed her thanks and stated that every time she visits the Tigers she is made to feel at home and enjoys coming to visit. She stated that if the unit needs any support that her office can give then please feel free to ask. The Mayors driver also took some pictures that will go on the Medway Council Page.


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