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Sobraon Sgt A Company 3 PWRR

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

“A Company has the honour of having provided the Sabraon Sergeants for two years running”

As far as Regimental occasions go, few can represent celebration of the Army’s Values and Standards, notably Courage, and Selfless Commitment, like Sabraon Day. On the 10th of February, 1846, at the Battle of Sabraon during the 1st Sikh War, Sgt Bernard McCabe saw the British attack faltering, and the colours lying without escort after two Ensigns had been killed. Without hesitation, he ran to the colours, taking possession of them, and reaching the ramparts alone, standing as an inspiration to his regiment, the 31stof Foot (Huntingdonshire’s, Later the East Surrey’s), who rallied and stormed the ramparts, leading to victory and heralding the end of the war.

Each year, 3 PWRR dedicates a day to the memory of Sgt McCabe’s actions, by nominating a Sabraon Sgt, who takes control of the colours, and displays them in the Warrant Officer’s and Sgt’s Mess. This honour is bestowed upon the Sergeant shown to have displayed those same values as Sgt McCabe.

A Company has the honour of having provided the Sabraon Sergeants for two years running, with CSgt Denny & Sgt Salisbury picking up the mantle for the 175th & 176th Sergeants respectively. Both individuals, with extensive previous regular service, carried great responsibilities during the last two years. CSgt Denny, an artilleryman by trade, completed a full Mortar Cadre with the Irish Guards, becoming the Mortar 2IC within the Company, and Sgt Salisbury has delivered the majority of the training to the Company throughout the last year, as well as working as a Platoon Commander on the battalion’s Annual Deployment Exercise in Brecon, Wales.

“It is an honour, to celebrate an occasion with association to Sgt McCabe”

2022 therefore saw a join celebration, as CSgt Denny took control of the Queen’s Colour, and Sgt Salisbury, the Regimental Colour. CSgt Denny is incredibly proud to represent his Regiment in such a manner;

“It is an honour, to celebrate an occasion with association to Sgt McCabe”, he explains, “But what’s more, is that in a Regiment galvanised by team-work and cooperation, the importance of one person and their actions is highlighted. You don’t know how important you can be. Think of Bernard McCabe”. It’s the selfless and courageous actions of one person, as CSgt Denny puts it, that can be a battle-winning asset, and the Sabraon Sergeants are challenged to impress that upon our soldiers.

A Company 3PWRR, now based solely in Ashford, Kent, is a Rifle Company with a successful Mortar Platoon, and is fortunate to have these two exemplary soldiers helping steer it to a strong future. The Company is currently conducting training to prepare its soldiers for the Annual Deployment Exercise, this year in Germany. As their two Sergeants were chosen for their dedication and commitment to service, A Company feels “Fierce Pride” to be represented by such exemplary Soldiers.


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